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Vinny McCrink
about 9 hours ago
Philadelphia, PA

New Hero Grid Now Available

  • Admins can now add an optional Hero Grid to their homepage.
  • These five boxes (one large, four medium-sized) will appear directly below the navigation bar on the homepage.
  • Users can fill the boxes with posts, pages, events, or products of their…

Accepting Payments

In video number three in the Ultimate Central Warmup series, we go over how to save time by accepting and tracking registrations and online payments through Ultimate Central.

Ultimate Central supports a myriad of payment types, including credit/debit cards (US-only), PayPal,…

Adding Your Event

We've created a short video series to introduce new users to Ultimate Central, especially those coming over from FFindr after the merger. We'll be posting videos dealing with finding events, listing events, setting up registration, payment options, scheduling, and more!…


Here are some changes that were recently added to Ultimate Central.

  • Spirit results are only shown if both teams have reported, including being omitted from summaries/standings if both teams haven't reported.
  • Captains will be unable to see what their opponent ranked them…

Translation Interface

With the FFindr merger, we understand a lot more is expected of Ultimate Central internationally, and we want to deliver on those expectations.

Currently, Ultimate Central fully supports internationalization and currently runs several sites in French and Spanish. However, it is…