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Check out some of the upgrades our developers have made this month:

Superior Geolocation:

  • Geolocation for events, teams, and people is much smarter about how it zooms and centers.
  • Geolocation is now a live search.
  • Geolocation now supports fixed boundaries as…

Toolbar Responsive After

The astute visitor will notice that Ultimate Central got a total makeover today. These changes address many issues we've been hoping to address for a while, as well as providing a more visually appealing site experience for Ultimate Central partners.


Our developers made a number of improvements recently; here's the run-down:

New Networks Page:

Clearly see which Networks you are in (in other words, which websites you share certain information with), and also, which websites are part of your Network (in…

Ericreverse Original
E.R.I.C. (or Early Recognition is Critical) has partnered with Ultimate Central, an ultimate-focused organization management platform.  Ultimate Central helped launch the new E.R.I.C. website, which includes powerful event management and donation features.
E.R.I.C. was looking for technology updates to…

Ever wanted real-world experience at an ultimate company?

Ultimate Central, a global technology platform for ultimate, is currently hiring for a Marketing and Design Intern as well as a Sales Intern for Summer 2015. These are both remote, work-from-home positions (our team is…