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A second round of Spirit Score upgrades was implemented just in time for the European Ultimate Championships last month. The following features are now universal (though a few of them only apply to events using WFDF Spirit Scoring).

Win/Loss Records &…


Here are some items our developers have gotten after recently.

Products can Require Membership

Now any Product (Merchandise, Donation, etc.) can require users to be a member before being able to purchase that Product.

Create specific Store Pages with tags 

Do you…

Api Picture

We're proud to announce our first baby step in creating a public API. We have been working on the API for several months, using it internally for many site features. Today, we are opening up a small part of this API…

Find Ultimate

Ultimate Central is proud to present our 2015 Fall College Tournament Listing, a comprehensive list of all fall tournaments aimed at college teams in North America.

Is your college team hosting a tournament this fall? Add it to the event…

  • Admins can now add an optional Hero Grid to their homepage.
  • These five boxes (one large, four medium-sized) will appear directly below the navigation bar on the homepage.
  • Users can fill the boxes with posts, pages, events, or products of their…