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In order to make Ultimate Central more secure, we are rolling out separate SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates for some of our client sites this week.

A few older browsers do not support this configuration, most notably Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. If you are using one of…

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We've updated the team overview page so you can see a team's upcoming schedule and roster in one place.

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Do you need an easy to use schedule for your ultimate life?

We've got one right here at Ultimate Central. Players can view their entire active schedule with their Ultimate Central account.

Picture of Kathleen Nottingham
Kathleen Nottingham
Apr 7, 2014
Philadelphia, PA

Event Updates

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Check out the new event overview page!
You'll now be able to see blog posts, rankings, schedules, and maps in one place. We also cleaned up the repetition issue in the event/blog post titles.

The Ultimate Central team is pleased to announce that FFindr, the most widely-used resource for finding and listing ultimate events around the world, will be merging into Ultimate Central. We've long admired FFindr for its simplicity and usefulness in event listings and registration, and we have been in talks for…

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You now have the option to randomize the order of your sponsors.
In the footer area of your page go to: Add Sponsors, then under "Random order" choose On or Off

We gave the editing box a makeover!



New features include:

  • Highlighted notices (formats>notice)
  • Add images and inset them (formats>inset image>right or left)
  • Create a button from an image (highlight the image>click on the link>put in the URL)
  • More font formats (bold, italic, subscript, superscript) and text sizes
  • Bullet points!…
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We've updated the view on our event pages. Take a look and see if there are any new events near you!


Tired of searching all over the internet to find out club team tryout information?

Ultimate Central has the solution!

This spring, we're compiling and posting all club tryout events here on Ultimate Central. Using our handy Club Tryouts page, you can see a map of all club tryouts and their…

Picture of Kathleen Nottingham
Kathleen Nottingham
Mar 17, 2014
Philadelphia, PA

Page Protection


Want to password protect a page on your site? No problem! In the page settings open up "More Options". Select who you want to see the page in the drop down box. Then enter a password below so only those specified can have access.